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2538321000 at qq dot com
7 hours ago
When I use the XML parser parsed 10 m file, the system will prompt me XML error parsing the SOAP payload on line 1: No memory.View the manual: This extension has no configuration directives defined in PHP. The ini. And not in the xml_parser_set_option about the memory Settings, how do I want to solve This problem?
marcgear at gmail dot com
5 years ago
While this SAX event based parser is better for memory management than the tree based parsers of SimpleXML and DOM, the pull-based parser XMLReader is much easier to use than the xml_parser_* functions, and still doesn't require loading the file into memory.
6 years ago
An event-based parser such XML Parser is preferable for large files, because tree-based parsers must fully load the file into memory in order to parse the XML. Event-based parsers do not need to load the entire file into memory to begin parsing.
pavel dot lishin at gmail dot com
6 years ago
If you're wanting to actually work with XML data as it was intended, treating it as a tree, try .
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